SILVER SANDS – presenting the Maldives in a different light!

Over 1200 islands. A hundred different resort options. How do you decide? Let SILVER SANDS help you.

We are the leading tour operator in the Maldives. We offer tailor-made and bespoke luxury holidays to this tropical destination specked with pristine powdery beach  scattered like beads in the Indian ocean cocooned by dazzling turquoise waters with deeper hues of blue blending flawlessly.

Experience a unique holiday within our exclusive Maldives resort collection. These are resorts that we can recommend without hesitation, resorts that we know intimately.

With SILVER SANDS you are bound to find all that you seek to maximize your Maldives experience and enjoy it to the fullest. We provide personalized service and help you arrange that romantic getaway just for the two of you, or that family holiday with a little something for the entire brood or that ultimate Maldives dream holiday full of fun-filled activities such as big game fishing, sailing on a private yacht or simply taking a tour of the Maldives’ most incredible life under the water. All these are possible! Choices are endless. Let us help make the decision for you.

Allow us to present to you the Maldives in a different light.